Founded in 2019, Atelier Verdi offers a vision of exclusive modern luxury through a range of thoughtfully curated leather goods and cashmere womenswear.
Born out of a love for classical design, exquisite materials and Italian craftsmanship, Gabriella Verdi started the brand to showcase these qualities through focused collections of leather goods and ready-to-wear garments to wear as statement pieces.
Each piece remains faithful to classic design principles, championing timeless luxury and modern aesthetics to maintain their beauty over time.
Atelier Verdi collaborates with family-run boutique workshops and shines a light on the artisans behind the scenes who diligently create each piece by hand, bringing them to the forefront and celebrating their craft and skill and knowledge.
Rooted in the ideals of an ethical, sustainable existence, Atelier Verdi embraces the slow fashion philosophy, rejecting the concept of overproduction and mass consumption. With an emphasis on made-to-order, a traditional approach to both production and materials excellence is embraced to ensure longevity.
Atelier Verdi’s leathers are traceable and derived as a by-product of the food industry. Hides are processed at an accredited tannery where waste is recycled, and the brand’s cashmere yarn is 100% organic and certified.

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